The use of school uniforms used to be restricted to private “Catholic” schools. It is only in recent years that the issue of students wearing school uniform in public schools has come up as a concern. I strongly believe that school uniforms have a positive impact on academic performance. But, what do people really think of […]

I saw her face. She had attractive natural eyebrows, bright and powerful almond eyes, and a button nose followed by thin made up lips. Her hair was dark as the shadows of twilight. She had on her heart designed small face a broody expression. I saw myself. ****** 11th of March 2015, Madrid. The first day […]

Take the position of a character in the original poem and write a dramatic monologue from that point of view. Concentrate on developing a narrative structure (a storyline) that suits your plan. Most of the source texts lack a ‘narrative’ element, so this will be for you to develop yourself.    

Dear Isabelle Karr, I partly agree with some of your points of your article “Twerking, Selfie and unlike ? Young people don’t speak like that – I should know”. Slang words can be very formal, inappropriate but also metaphorical, and are likely to be  evanescent as the spoken language changes from one generation to another. An […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway